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Polish Connection

Polish Connection has been on the market since 2007. Since then, we have managed to successfully perform tens of thousands of services for both individuals and entrepreneurs operating in Norway and planning to open a business in this country. Our staff and business partners consist of professionals highly experienced in the fields they operate in, thanks to which our customers have had confidence in our solutions for many years.

realizacja kontraktów w norwegii

14 years of experience

norweskie podatki

international, multilingual team

polska firma w norwegii

Partner in Norway – Omega Accounting AS an authorised accounting office

Zespół Polish Connection

Our employees are fluent in Polish, Norwegian, English, Romanian and have knowledge and expertise in tax legislation, labour law and other regulations applicable in Norway.
We cooperate with law firms, inspectors, legal counsels and Norwegian public institutions on a permanent basis, which makes it possible to offer a comprehensive service on site.

rozliczenia podatków w Norwegii

Thanks to our knowledge of the realities, language and legislation of a given country, we are able to build a sustainable foundation between Norway and these countries. This is of great importance for natural persons and economic operators looking for support both in their home country and in Norway.


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