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Polish Connection opens new offices

08 August 2014

We kindly inform you that as of September 1st of the current year, a Warsaw branch of Polish Connection Sp. z o.o. will start its activity. The office is located in the Millennium Plaza building in downtown Warsaw in Aleje Jerozolimskie 123A. This excellent location in the central business area has been chosen to ensure that our customers have direct access to infrastructure and public transport. At the offices of the new division in Warsaw, our customers will be able to make use of all the services Polish Connection has to offer, at the same time enjoying the comfort of the surroundings.

Some of the basic tasks of the office will include support for the development of the sale of services directed to the business and individual customer, in particular from the entire region of Central Poland, as well as strengthening the image of the company on the local market as an enterprise open to the customer and providing services of the highest quality, irrespective of the location.

‘Creating new offices serves as part of the plans for the expansion we wish to implement in 2014. We strive to build a solid foundation for the company’s further growth, both in Poland and in Norway, in Lithuania and in Romania. On September 1st of the current year, we will also open divisions in Šiauliai in Lithuania and a third Norwegian office located in Molde. As of October 1st, offices in Bucharest and a fourth Norwegian office in Trondheim will be opened’, says Aleksandra F. Eriksen, Chairman of the Board of Polish Connection Sp. z o.o.

The Norwegian offices serve as a reply to the continuously growing population of Polish people living in the regions of Molde and Trondheim, whom we would like to provide with access to our services in a ‘neighborly’ fashion. Each of these offices will also offer a full spectrum of accounting services for foreign entities already in operation or planning on beginning to conduct business activity in Norway.

Norway is becoming a very popular emigrant destination and a receptive investment market also for business entities from Lithuania and Romania. The offices in Šiauliai and Bucharest have emerged mainly in response to the needs of our current business and individual customers for whom direct contact is extremely important, as are consultations in their mother tongue in keeping with high standards of service.
We are convinced that the opportunity for direct contact will bring benefits to both parties, and the current substantive support in tax-, social- and business-related matters will be accommodating for both our regular customers and the future ones.

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