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Have a question? Call me 58 727 05 55 Monday - Friday 0800 - 1600

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Telephone, power of attorney

A phone call made to the Norwegian authorities often makes it possible to resolve a minor problem or doubt, e.g. when we want to find out whether the authorities have already been served with the documents we sent.

Important! If you are not able to come to our office to make a phone call, we will need
a special authorisation for our consultant. We can prepare such a power of attorney. Once you have signed it, it must be sent to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). Upon its registration in the office, we will be able to make a phone call concerning your case.

Would you like us to call the authority in Norway for you?

Send us a request containing a description of the case to office@polishconnection.no

If you have access to login through BankID, Buypass or Nets Passport Reader app, we can contact NAV about your case much faster. 

*In the case of resignation from the service after receiving information on verification of documents and accepting them for the performance of the service, the Ordering Party will be charged with costs in the amount of PLN 50 for the preparation thereof.

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