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European Health Insurance Card

European Health Insurance Card EHIC (Norw. Europeisk Helsetrygdkort) is a document entitling to use medical services outside Norway in case of an emergency. In order to obtain the card, one must be a member of the Norwegian Social Security System (Norw. folketrygden).


We act as an intermediary in ordering the card by submitting an electronic application if the interested party has obtained a national identity number or in supplementing a paper application for the card if he has a temporary identification number (the so-called


The cards are also available for the family members provided that they belong to the Norwegian Social Security System. Otherwise, these persons may be insured through S1 form (formerly E 106/E 109).


Information/documents required for the national identity number:

  • Norwegian identification number
  • logging through BankID, Buypass or Nets Passport Reader app

Rates: Electronic order – PLN 75


Information/documents required for the temporary identity number:

  • temporary identity number:
  • contract of employment
  • passport or ID card
  • certificate of employment if the contract of employment lasts more than one year


Would you like us to order the European Health Insurance Card on your behalf?

Contact us: office@polishconnection.no

Note! Please do not send the original documents.


Please note that the application prepared in paper form must be signed before being sent to the office.

*In the case of resignation from the service after receiving information on verification of documents and accepting them for the performance of the service, the Ordering Party will be charged with costs in the amount of PLN 50 for the preparation thereof.

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