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Permament stay in Norway

Are you planning to move to Norway? You want to acquire permannet personal number ?

If you arrived to Norway and you’re planning to work and live there longer than half a year you are obliged to report a move. In order to do that you need to book an appointment in the tax office characteristic to your place of domicile. If you moved along with your family they also need to pay a visit at the tax office .

The procedure for registering a person from the EEA area is following:

  1. Acquiring registreringsbevis (permission to work and live issued by the police)
  2. Compleeting application for registration in Norway
  3. Booking an appointment in the Norwegian tax office
  4. You need to take the completed application (RF-1401) and the necessary documents to the booked appointment:

– passport or national ID card, that contains a photograph, citizenship and sex,

– permission from the police (registregingsbevis)

– a valid home purchase or home rental contract valid for at least 6 months. If the rental agreement is more than 3 months old, you must bring a confirmation from the landlord confirming that the rental agreement is still valid. If you don’t have a home purchase or tenancy agreement, bring documentation showing where you live,

– an employment contract valid for 6 months or more in order to work in Norway. If the contract is more than 3 months old, you should bring a confirmation from the employer that the contract is still valid. (In  case of assignments for bemmaning companies, the assignment confirmation should be brought for a period of at least 6 months),

– if you run your own business, you must have records of your business’s operations or income.

If you are missing some documents from work, bring all other documents confirming that you will stay in Norway for 6 months or longer.

In relation to reporting a move a permanent personal number (Fødselsnummer) will be issued.

You will receive a confirmation from Folkeregisteret that they have registered the move to Norway to your Altinn profile if you’re registered as an electronic user or by letter via traditional post. Confirmation send by traditional post will be delivered to your new, registered postal address.

Remember! If you will receive a permanent personal number (Fødselsnummer) it will replace your temporary personal number (D-nummer) – if you have an account with a Norwegian bank, you must notify them of the number change in order to continue to have access to banking services.

Do you want us to prepare an application for registration and book an appointment at the office for you?

Contact us: office@polishconnection.no

Note! Please do not send originals.