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Polish Connection / Request to pay the outstanding salary

Request to pay the outstanding salary

If your employer has not paid the outstanding remuneration (salary, overtime, holiday pay (norw. Feriepenger)) and does not respond to your requests or reminders, the next step is to issue an official letter of claim for the outstanding payments accompanied by appropriate documentation.

Polish Connection makes a precise calculation of the employer’s arrears in payment with respect to the employee based on the documentation provided. The request for payment prepared by our company on behalf of a client is a professionally drawn up document in Norwegian, containing all the necessary arguments and legal grounds for amicable enforcement of the debt.

Information/documents required:

  • Norwegian identification number
  • contract of employment
  • payslips (Norw. lønnslipp)
  • the annual statement of revenue and deductions for the past year
  • other information/documents specified by our employee by e-mail


Would you like us to prepare a letter requesting payment of outstanding remuneration on your behalf?

Send us a request containing a description of the case and documentation to office@polishconnection.no or by post.

Note! Please do not send the original documents.


Letter prepared by us must be signed before being sent to the office.


Preparation of the letter to the employer from 250 PLN (we issue invoices also in EURO or NOK)

*In the case of resignation from the service after receiving information on verification of documents and accepting them for the performance of the service, the Ordering Party will be charged with costs in the amount of PLN 50 for the preparation thereof.

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