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Polish Connection / Arbeidsavklaringspenger (AAP)

Arbeidsavklaringspenger (AAP)

Work assessment allowance (Norw. Arbeidsavklaringspenger – AAP) is granted to individuals who are still unable to work after 52 weeks of sick leave. The allowance is intended to safeguard income while continuing treatment or rehabilitation after an illness or injury where there is still a possibility for the patient to return to work.

The basic condition to be qualified for the allowance is to be a member of the Norwegian Social Security System (Norw. Folketrygden) for at least 3 years before the first day of illness. Membership can be combined in many EEA countries. What is important, it should not be interrupted.

The allowance is calculated by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) individually on the basis of the last years of employment and income.


Would you like us to prepare the application for work assessment allowance on your behalf?

Contact us: office@polishconnection.no

Note! Please do not send the original documents.

If you have access to login through BankID, Buypass or Nets Passport Reader app, we can submit the application electronically.

Please note that without having the possibility of logging in, the application is prepared in paper form and must be signed before being sent to the office.