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Childbirth benefit (engangsstønad)

Childbirth benefit (Norw. engangsstønad) is a one-time benefit granted on the birth or adoption of a child when the mother is not entitled to parental allowance (Norw. foreldrepenger).  Only the mother of the child can apply for the childbirth allowance. In order to be entitled to receive it, one must be a member of the Norwegian Social Security System (Norw. Folketrygden) at the time of birth or adoption.

Currently, the amount of the one-time benefit amounts to NOK 90 300 per child. It is tax-exempt.

In the case of a childbirth, the benefit can be paid in the 22nd week of pregnancy at the earliest.
The benefit can be applied for within six months after the birth at the latest or, as far as adoption is concerned, six months after taking over responsibility for the child.


Would you like us to prepare the childbirth allowance claim on your behalf?

Contact us: office@polishconnection.no

Note! Please do not send the original documents.


If you have access to login through BankID, Buypass or Nets Passport Reader app, we can submit the application electronically.


Please note that without having the possibility of logging in, the application is prepared in paper form and must be signed before being sent to the office.


Preparation of the Norwegian childbirth benefit claim 300 PLN (we issue invoices also in EURO or NOK)

*In the case of resignation from the service after receiving information on verification of documents and accepting them for the performance of the service, the Ordering Party will be charged with costs in the amount of PLN 50 for the preparation thereof.