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Funeral grant

The funeral grant is awarded on the basis of the actual costs incurred, documented by invoices. It is possible to recover the costs of the ceremony itself, place in the cemetery, flowers, administrative fees, tom and cremation.

The grant cannot be used to cover the expenditures incurred on the funeral reception and transport of the body from Norway to the country of residence (the authority only reimburses the costs of transport to the nearest burial site, but unfortunately, when a cemetery is located in another country, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) usually refuses the allowance).

The maximum rate that can be obtained is NOK 24 734, however, this amount is reduced if, for example, the deceased or the applicant had money in a bank account and/or there was
a withdrawal from the life insurance policy.

The funeral grant can be claimed no later than 6 months after the date of death.

NOTICE! The funeral grant can only be claimed in one country. If the allowance has already been paid in one country, Norway will not pay it again.

The following documents are required:

  • invoices
  • death certificate on the standard EU form or translation into Norwegian/English (including the original version)
  • marriage/birth certificate, depending on the nature of the relationship the applicant had with the deceased (standard EU form or translation)


Would you like us to help you get through the formalities necessary to obtain the grant?

Send us a request together with documentation to office@polishconnection.no or by post.

Note! Please do not send the original documents.

The application prepared by us must be signed before being sent to the office.