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Polish Connection / Reporting occupational injuries

Reporting occupational injuries

Every accident at work and occupational disease must be reported by the employer to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (Norw. Arbeidstilsynet) and to NAV. If the employer does not report the accident or disease, it can be done by the employee himself. The time limit for submitting such a report shall be one year from the accident or from the date on which the occupational disease was diagnosed.

The recognition of an accident or disease by NAV entitles a person to avoid paying his own contribution for the treatment of the effects of the incident that took place in Norway. In addition, provided that the permanent bodily injury is at least 15% after treatment, there is
a possibility to claim compensation from NAV.

The following documents/information are required to apply for recognition of the accident:

  • a detailed description of the accident and the circumstances in which it occurred
  • documentation from hospital/emergency ambulance service
  • the report of the employer, if applicable

The following documents/information are required to prepare the application for compensation:

  • decision of NAV on recognition of the accident/disease
  • medical records together with the assessment of the permanent bodily injury

Note! There are two types of compensation: one granted by NAV and one received from the employer’s insurer.

Upon your consent, we can send your documents to a Norwegian law firm, which deals with the latter type of compensation.

Would you like us to help you get through the formalities necessary to obtain the compensation due to the accident at work?

Send us a request together with the above-mentioned documentation to office@polishconnection.no or by post.

Note! Please do not send the original documents.

The application prepared by us must be signed before being sent to the office.