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Dagpenger - Unemployment benefit

Unemployment benefit (Norw. dagpenger) is granted in case of job loss, and is intended to partially replace the lost income from work and mobilise to search for another.

When applying for the benefit, it is important to submit the application on the first day after losing the job at the latest. Submitting the application means registering on the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration’s (NAV’s) website as an unemployed job-seeker together with submitting the NAV with a request accompanied by the required documentation. The date of receipt of the application by the office is decisive. After completing the registration process, the date of sending the first notification card should appear.

The main conditions necessary to receive unemployment benefit:

  • working time reduced by at least 50%
  • lowered income from work
  • the applicant must be registered as an unemployed job-seeker and send a notification card every 14 days.
  • the applicant is a genuine job-seeker, which may involve attending meetings organised by NAV, proactive submission of résumés and other tasks specified by NAV for which the office may hold the applicant to account
  • the applicant must live at the address of permanent residence and be a member of the Norwegian Social Security System
  • income from work must amount to a minimum of NOK 152 027 (1.5G) [translator’s note: G: abbreviation for National Insurance Basic Amount] over 12 months or a minimum of NOK 304 053 (3G) over 36 months.

In order to register an unemployed person in the NAV system, it is necessary to have the access to login through BankID, Buypass or Nets Passport Reader app.

Would you like us to prepare the application for unemployment benefit on your behalf and register your CV with NAV?

Contact us: office@polishconnection.no

Note! Please do not send the original documents.



Please note that without having the possibility of logging in, we are only able to prepare the application form which must be signed before being sent to the office. In such a case, you must register for the unemployment benefit yourself by calling NAV.

*In the case of resignation from the service after receiving information on verification of documents and accepting them for the performance of the service, the Ordering Party will be charged with costs in the amount of PLN 50 for the preparation thereof.