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Permittering - lay off

“Permittering” is the term used to describe forced, temporary leave during the downtime – lay off.
It takes place when a company is forced to limit or temporarily suspend its activities, e.g. due to the lack of orders. During the permittering, the employment relationship continues and the contract of employment remains in force.

An employee has the right to apply for the unemployment benefit while being on the permittering, provided that working time has been reduced by at least 50%. In the period from March to the end of October 2020, a 40% reduction in working hours sufficed. It also applies to the total working time of several employers.


For the first 10 days after being sent to the permittering, the remuneration is paid by the employer. A laid-off employee is entitled to receive benefits in his country of origin and does not have to stay in Norway if he works regular shifts and is a so-called “frontier worker” (a cross-border worker who permanently lives abroad and travels home at regular intervals).


Currently, the permittering is granted for a maximum of 49 weeks within 18 months.


The essential condition necessary to receive the benefit is to earn a minimum income that must amount to at least NOK 152 027 (1.5G) [translator’s note: G: abbreviation for National Insurance Basic Amount] over the last 12 months or a minimum of NOK 304 053 (3G) over the last 36 months.


The applicant is obliged to fill in the notification cards using his NAV profile. In the case of sending the registration card with a delay, one can be removed from the register of persons applying for the allowance.


If during the permitting a person takes up a job, all the working hours must be entered in the registration card in accordance with the guidelines contained in the decision on granting the benefit.


In order to register an unemployed person in the NAV system, it is necessary to have the access to login through BankID, Buypass or Nets Passport Reader app.


Would you like us to prepare the application for permittering on your behalf and register your CV with NAV?

Send us the documents to office@polishconnection.no or by post.


Note! Please do not send the original documents.

Please note that without having the possibility of logging in, we are only able to prepare the application form which must be signed before sending to the office. In such a case, you must register for the benefit yourself by calling NAV.