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    Norwegian foreign company division (Norw. Norskregistrert utenlandsk foretak – NUF) is a very popular form of activity chosen by foreign companies that wish to take up business activity in Norway while being subject to tax in their country of origin. The company functions in Norway on the same principles as a Norwegian AS company.

    Important for NUF:

      • no initial capital requirement
      • in the case of companies with services in Norway – obligation to have a VAT representative in Norway and VAT registration after exceeding an income of 50 000 NOK (not applicable to recruitment companies)
      • in the case of employee recruitment – registration of a contact person and registration of the company in Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority (Norw. Arbeidstilsynet)
      • requirement to notify the tax office for foreigners about contracts and employees
      • company must fulfill certain requirements to avoid taxation in Norway

    Documents / information required:

      • translation of the business reporting entry in the country of origin into Norwegian and of the partnership contract, if the company is a partnership
      • Norwegian personal number of the person entitled to sign documentation (in case of lack of a Norwegian personal number – identification document from the country of origin confirmed by the Norwegian police or by the Norwegian embassy/consulate)

    Prices (net prices):
    from 1500 PLN (own business activity in the country of origin) (consultations on running own business + company registration)
    from 2500 PLN (stock-based company in the country of origin) (consultations on running own business + company registration)

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