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    orwegian non-stock corporations are divided into two groups: Company with shared liability (Norw. Delt ansvar selskap – DA) – a partnership enterprise in which shareholders take personal responsibility for the potential debts of the company. This means that the articles of partnership state what percentage of the company’s obligations each shareholder holds. Unlimited Company (Norw. Ansvarlig selskap – ANS) – a partnership enterprise in which each of the shareholders has unlimited responsibility for the company’s potential debts.

    Important for DA / ANS:

    • a partnership enterprise must have a minimum of 2 shareholders
    • no initial capital required
    • company tax is 27%

    Documents / information required:

    • Norwegian personal numbers of shareholders (in case of lack of a Norwegian personal number – identification documents from the country of origin confirmed by the Norwegian police or by the Norwegian embassy/consulate)
    • presenting of written partnership contract
    • Prices (net prices): from 2000 PLN or 4000 NOK (consultation on running own business + setting up of company)

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