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    Norwegian stock-based company (Norw. aksjeselskap – AS) is an equivalent of a limited liability company. It is a form of organization in which the shareholders are not personally responsible for the company’s potential debts.
    The company is an independent individual and tax entity.Company tax is 27%.

    The shareholders can become employed in their own AS company and they then have the status of an employee, and not the status of the person running their own business.

    Important for AS:

    • requirement to have initial capital of 30 000 NOK
    • requirement to have a Board of Directors
    • obligation to have an accountant
    • obligation to hold a Board meeting once a year
    • >fee for company registration is 5320 NOK (electronic registration) or 6382 NOK (registration on paper)

    Documents / information required:

    • Norwegian personal numbers of shareholders (in case of lack of a Norwegian personal number – identification documents from the country of origin confirmed by the Norwegian police or by the Norwegian embassy/consulate)
    • other documents the employee of our company may ask for
    • Prices (net prices): from 6500 NOK or the equivalent in PLN (consultations on running own business + setting up of own company)
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