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    1. Your personal data are administered by Polish Connection Sp. z o.o. located at Antoniego Abrahama Street 37/3, 81-366 Gdynia, and its registered Norwegian branch located at Hovfaret 8, 0275 Oslo, called hereinafter „Polish Connection”.

    2. Data received by Polish Connection are processed according to regulations in Act of 29.08.1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland Dz.U.02.101.926). Moreover we comply to Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration’s decree of 29.04.2004 on personal data processing documentation and technical and organizational conditions that must be fulfilled by equipment and IT-systems processing personal data (Dz.U.04.100.1024). Both legal acts comply with European regulations concerning the processing and free movement of personal data.

    3. Polish Connection is not responsible for damage resulting from any events that are beyond the direct control of the company, damage of computer software or other users’ belongings that may occur because of access to the site, using the site, browsing the pages or downloading any materials from the site. Moreover Polish Connection is not responsible for any interferences in reception or data transmission.

    4. Polish Connection is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur in connection with access to the site or use of the information provided on the site.

    5. Polish Connection, despite all efforts and system security settings, cannot guarantee the security of the information sent to us. This applies especially to possible system failures that can lead to the loss or uncontrollable leak of users’ personal data, staying beyond the direct control of the company. All data transmission is carried out at the risk of the users who send the data.

    6. Polish Connection, despite all efforts and system security settings, is not responsible for damage that may occur because of access to information from any other websites, pages or banners links to which are to be found on the website www.polishconnection.no or damage that may be the result of use of the aforementioned data. Users visit the abovementioned websites at their own risk.

    7. Polish Connection is not responsible for any content or materials that can be found on the websites mentioned in pt. 4, especially for any statements or information about offers, prices, deliveries, quality etc. of any goods or services sold or advertised by other entities. Polish Connection is not responsible for privacy policy and personal data protection policy of the owners of these websites.

    8. Polish Connection is committed to respect the privacy of the users who visit website www.polishconnection.no and send documents to the company through the on-line form or in any other ways. The company is therefore obliged to collect personal data only with users’ knowledge and consent, not to give access to personal data to the third parties and to make it possible for users to control and edit these data.

    9. Users who wish for Polish Connection to help them with assessment of Norwegian tax or other services offered by the company, can be asked to fill out the on-line or paper form. Personal data from the form shall be used only to provide the requested services.

    10. Users who give Polish Connection access to their personal data declare by this that the data belong to them and giving access to them doesn’t affect the interests of the third parties.

    11. Users have also the right to control and edit data they send to Polish Connection. If users wish for the company to stop collecting and using their personal information, Polish Connection shall immediately comply with that request after receiving it by e-mail or ordinary mail. The request shall be treated as the request to stop performing services for this user.

    12. The company is committed to strict compliance with Act of 29.08.1997 on Protection of Personal Data and its subsequent amendments as well as Law of 18.07.2012 on Electronic Services.

    13. Users’ e-mail addresses are used by Polish Connection to contact, send users notifications and information about the services provided by the company. E-mail correspondence and users’ e-mail addresses are only used in the cases that concern the users and shall not be disclosed to third parties.

    14. IP-addresses of the users of the website www.polishconnection.no are used by Polish Connection only for administrative and statistical purposes.

    15. The aforementioned terms of use are an integral part of every service provided by Polish Connection and are easily accessible on the website www.polishconnection.no. User can save them on his computer or print them. Polish Connection reserves the right to make changes in the terms of use without notifying users.