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    Norwegian sole proprietorship company (Norw. enkeltpersonforetak – EPF) is essentially one’s own business. A company that has only one owner, is run by one person and at one’s own risk. The owner has full economic responsibility for the financial obligations of the company. There is no separation between private assets and those of the company.
    EPF is the most popular form of a company for people wanting to start work in Norway on their own account.
    The undisputed advantage of such a form of organization is the lack of obligation as to the initial capital and to having an accountant.


    • Only one person can start up the company.
    • The person starting up the company must be of legal age.
    • The company must have an address in Norway.

    Documents / information required:

    • Norwegian personal number (in case of lack of a Norwegian personal number – identification document from the country of origin confirmed by the Norwegian police or by the Norwegian embassy/consulate)
    • company name (must contain owner’s last name)

    Prices (net prices): from 1200 PLN or 3000 NOK (consultations on running own business + setting up own company)

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